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Do you want to be  accompanied too where the enchantment takes on the colors of emerald and pink? Get on board the Lady Luna 2 boat, breathe the sea air and experience the dream.

Budelli and the Pink Beach

During our excursion we will visit several islands, a favorite with visitors is Budelli. This name brings to mind some paradisiacal views, such as the natural pools of Budelli and the famous Rosa beach.

In this area between La Maddalena and Budelli, the body of water is breathtakingly beautiful, with transparency formed by shoals of white sand and seabeds that overlap bright tones of blue and allow a glimpse of the fish swimming free in the crystalline sea.

A shining jewel of the Maddalena archipelago, the island of Budelli is protected by landscape restrictions that aim to preserve its natural balance intact. The beaches and landings have been subjected for a long time to the ban on the transit of boats, bathing and passage on the beach. The Pink Beach, like the others on the island, is protected by these rules, but even from a distance it is possible to perceive the charm it emanates.

Lady Luna brings you close to this show which is a privilege for a few, with us you can appreciate and observe the Pink Beach.

For some years it has been possible to sail up to the border of the buoys that close the bay.

The natural pools of Budelli

Budelli has been part of the La Maddalena Archipelago Natural Park since 2016. It is still the wildest part of the area, and you can feel it when you sail alongside the coves of fine sand along its twelve kilometers of coastline. Small beaches hidden by the Mediterranean vegetation emerge among the granite sculptured by the wind. One of these is the Cavaliere beach, famous for the Budelli natural pools.

The bay is characterized by very white and fine sand, surrounded by rocks that take on the changing colors of the hour and pink. The sea in front is of a blue that seems painted. It is no coincidence that it is customary to associate the name of Budelli with the Natural Pools. Anyone who lands here in front and takes a bath in this sea does not struggle to affirm that it is one of the most beautiful experiences in his life.

The natural pools of Budelli are the location of our first stop, during which it will be possible to swim from the boat and fully enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Natural features

The small island of Budelli, with its surface of about 1.60 square kilometers, is the setting for some beaches renowned for its particularities.

The Pink beach, for example, has become one of the emblems of the La Maddalena Archipelago in the world, thanks to the characteristic pink sand that is unique in the world. This detail is given by the micro-fragments of the shells of a microorganism, the Miniacin miniacela, which lives in the seabed on the rhizomes of the Posidonia Oceanica. The low-energy currents carry these fragments onto the beach and deposit them, giving life to the sandy mantle of the characteristic color.

Scientific studies carried out in recent years have shown that the impact of the presence of man on the beach coincided with the continuous erosion of the beach, therefore only partial opening was prepared. Respect for these rules helps to keep the beauty of the place alive for future generations as well. To allow you to enjoy it, the Park Authority has set up a path with walkways that overlook this marvel, but it is not possible to swim here, it is not possible to navigate nearby, you cannot walk on the beach.

The only land tortoise in the archipelago, the Testudo marginata, and a multitude of seabirds that nest on the coasts and are protected as protected species, such as the Corsican and royal gull, live in the territory of Budelli. The fauna is characterized by the Mediterranean scrub, juniper, mastic, rosemary and wild lavender, which blends with its colors to the rocks and raises an intoxicating scent in the sea breezes.

History and curiosities of Budelli

A trip to the Archipelago, between Budelli and Spargi, Razzoli and Santa Maria, a stone's throw from the Strait of Bonifacio, is the privileged setting for getting to know the rugged coast and the bays with crystal clear waters that give life to this dream. In addition to the sea and nature, history also stands here, in all its grandeur.
The islands of La Maddalena and surrounding islands were known at the time of the Romans and inhabited already in prehistoric times, as an integral part of the obsidian routes, the black stone that traveled between Sardinia, Corsica and Tuscany.

From then on, man has always loved, sought and lived them, up to the present day. The landscape lends itself to being a natural setting, and for this reason Michelangelo Antonioni chose the pink beach to shoot some scenes of the 1964 Red Desert film. After passing through several private hands in 2016, the transfer of ownership to the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park was established.

A little curiosity: since 1989 one and only inhabitant, guardian of the island, has lived on this pearl of the Mediterranean, but has announced that he will leave it in 2021, finally making the island uninhabited.

  • Island of Spargi

    The most intact among the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago

    The island of Spargi appears to visitors as a fascinating land emerged from the blue water. It is the most inaccessible and wildest of the archipelago, lashed by the scents of a thick Mediterranean scrub.

  • Island of Santa Maria

    The homonymous beach with very fine sand

    The island of the archipelago that lies further north is Santa Maria. On the horizon only the sea, in all its splendor. Let's get closer with our boat and stop for a long stop on its beautiful beach, to celebrate a moment of extraordinary fusion with the surrounding environment.

  • Caprera Island

    Rich in history and nature

    A excellence of northern Sardinia , the second largest island of the Archipelago and one of the most famous from a historical and landscape point of view. A jewel of sea and emotions that we will coast aboard Lady Luna.

  • La Maddalena Island

    Visit to the city of La Maddalena between historical places and shopping

    It is the only one to be inhabited continuously and its beauties unfold over a larger area than the other islands, about 45 kilometers of coastline that reserve continuous surprises.

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