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Boat excursions to La Maddalena

Boat excursions to La Maddalena

We will take you and tell you about the wonders of these places.

.. a wonderful dream to enjoy with the mind and the senses.

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Excursions La Maddalena from Palau and La Maddalena: mini-cruises by boat full of emotions

Booking your excursion to the islands of La Maddalena with Lady Luna 3 allows you to enjoy the professionalism of those who for more than thirty years have been organizing boat trips to a excellent value for money , ensuring quality of service and attention to visitors.

With us you will find what you are looking for: a boat tour La Maddalena to fully enjoy nature, bathe in the sea of the archipelago and enjoy unparalleled relaxation.

Every year we update the excursion La Maddalena itineraries , in compliance with the protection required by the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park and your holiday needs.

Video giri in barca La maddalena

Boat excursion La Maddalena archipelago

On the Lady Luna 3 boat, you will visit all of the most beautiful islands in this marvelous natural park and have an enjoyable day swimming and relaxing at the islands’ stunning beaches.
As the leading operator of boat trips and sea excursions in Maddalena, Sardinia, we are permitted to go to Budelli island and La Maddalena island, Spargi and Santa Maria islands; we will also visit the Pink Beach, closed to the public way back in 1994 because transported tourists stole large quantities of pink sand over the years.

Book your unforgettable boat trip in the archipelago of La Maddalena aboard Lady Luna 3!

The vessel was built in 2024 and offers supreme comfort, beautiful scenic views, and the most advanced safety standards.
We'll let you visit all the uninhabited islands and enjoy long stops at the various beaches on holidaymakers’ favorite day boat tour of La Maddalena.

The Lady Luna 3 motor ship leaves every day from:

  • port of Palau , boarding n ° 4 piazza del Molo, near the boarding area for the ferries - 10:30 am / return 5:30 pm
  • port of La Maddalena , via Amendola, banchina medaglie d’Oro - 8.45am / return 4.15pm

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Boat excursion itinerary La Maddalena Archipelago

  1. STOP: Budelli island, Natural pools - stop for dives from the boat and photos - a quarter of an hour
  2. STOP: Santa Maria island - stop on the beach - one hour
  3. STOP: Spargi Island , Cala Granara - stop on the beach - one hour
  4. STOP: La Maddalena Island - free stop in the historic center - one hour

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First, on our day boat tour of Sardinia, we will move away from Palau along Porto Faro and Porto Raphael and then we will reach Cala Francese and Punta Tegge.

In 10-20 minutes, we will reach the island of Budelli, and, for the enjoyment of young people and children, we will make a brief stop to allow them to dive from the ship.

If you look up you can admire the bay in all its inimitable beauty - the ancient Benedictine monastery, and the famous backdrops with iridescent colors rich in marine life.



Sosta a Budelli

Continuing on, it will be the turn of the Passo degli Asinelli, the Paduleddi and Stramanari islets, the various granite rocks.

Finally, we will reach the Port of the Madonna, also known by the name of Piscine Naturali for the color and the transparency of its waters.
Here, we will stop in front on the beach for a pleasant bathroom break, the privilege of few tourists, because Budelli is a protected area.

Budelli beach is a delightful inlet with a breathtaking view, you will find yourself in the center of the three islands: Santa Maria, Razzoli, and Budelli.



Sosta a cala Corsara

After lunch on board in front of the magnificent scenery of the island, we will continue our La Maddalena boat excursion to the nearby island of Spargi, we will sail along the Pink Beach for photos - Cala di Roto, where there is a complete ban on bathing and trampling of sand - and the Crocodile Rock on the island of Budelli.

We will continue with a panoramic navigation through the coasts of the island of Spargi: Cala Connari, Cala dell'amore, and Cala Soraya. We will then reach the marvelous cove of Cala Corsara and admire the famous rocks of the Testa della Strega, the Bulldog Dog, and Italy in miniature. Here, we will make our third stop on the beach of Cala Granara and you will have plenty of time to bathe and photograph the beauty of the bay.

For lovers of trekking and walking, Spargi is unique, with beautiful nature trails and military forts. From here, we will sail along the island of Santo Stefano known for the battles of Napoleon, the presence of a large tourist village, and the recent disposal of the American NATO base.



Sosta al centro storico di La Maddalena

Once on the island of La Maddalena, for our last stop, you can go down for a walk, enjoy a delicious local ice cream, and freely explore the inhabited center for its characteristic streets, the beautiful buildings of the eighteenth century, and the souvenir shops.

You can visit the historic center of La Maddalena where you will find the famous Piazza Comando (Umberto I) with the Admiralty building - holiday home of the presidents of the republic - and the charming Via Garibaldi, the heart of the city's nightlife.

The stop in La Maddalena will be made every day. 


Give yourself a day to remember, bring with you the memory of a place where emotions have the concrete form of a land kissed by the sun and the sea.

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