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Caprera Island: Nature Reserve since 1982

Caprera is the second largest island of the archipelago, second only to La Maddalena. From here it can be easily reached by crossing a bridge, called Passo della Moneta. The panorama, from any angle you look at it, is extraordinary, different on the two sides for different naturalistic characteristics but equally enchanting.
Our boat excursion does not include a stop on the island of Caprera but you can reach it by dedicating a whole day to the two islands : La Maddalena and Caprera, joined by the Passo della Moneta bridge. Ferries to La Maddalena depart every day, every fifteen minutes from the port of Palau and there is no need to book a ticket.

The island of Caprera is transformed along the extension of its coasts, which are jagged, high and steep on the typically granite east side, and flatter on the west side, where there is also the only inhabited part of the island, the Borgo di Tinplates.

To the east lie some of the most refined coves, pearls of the Mediterranean and the pride of the whole of Sardinia. Thanks to some dirt roads you can reach Cala Coticcio, renaming the Tahiti of Sardinia (more easily accessible by sea), and going down further south Cala Portese or of the two seas (because the sea is present both on the right and on the left side) and Punta Rossa.

Not far from the latter is the beach of the Relitto, which sees the remains of a coal ship that caught fire offshore in 1955. Also to the south stands Cala Andreani, while to the east Cala Brigantina, both host beaches that they keep faith with the wonder of the Archipelago and add value to the beauties of northern Sardinia. Sea with various shades of green, blue and blue, pink granites overlooking the water, the splendor of the coves framed by luxuriant vegetation.

This is the reason why Caprera and La Maddalena are internationally renowned destinations, chosen by tourists from all over the world and the pride of Maddalena and Sardinians. Special protection regimes are applied to protect the environment and the equilibrium of the island and in the eastern area, the wildest, maximum environmental protection is required. Always included in the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, the territory is considered of international and community interest.

Caprera and the paths to paradise

In addition to all the wonders that we have listed and that you can see looking from the boat towards ours of the island, we remind you that the island of Caprera is inextricably linked to the history of Italy. The name of this little great jewel recalls the name of a historical figure of great importance: Giuseppe Garibaldi.

The Hero of the Two Worlds chose to spend the last twenty-six years of his life di lui here, and died in 1882 in what is now the Garibaldi Compendium, one of the most visited museums in Italy. The story is deeply rooted in the nature of Caprera, above all thanks to its strategic role from a military point of view.

Numerous fortifications, built especially during the first half of the twentieth century, are located in important points for the observation of the territory and at the same time of a disarming beauty, since they overlook the horizon directly. The military impact of man was expressed in Caprera in a diligent and harmonious way, the remaining buildings are proof of this, adapting harmoniously to the landscape. The inland roads, built by the military during the Second World War, are also the quickest and most comfortable way to reach the rugged eastern coasts.

The natural integrity of the island, its heart of granite and its mantle of scrub, perfumed by holm oaks, pines, heather, myrtle and junipers, has never been completely affected, and it is possible to enjoy its entirety from Mount Teialone and from Poggio Raso, the highest and most panoramic granite peaks.

Services on the island of Caprera

Being the second largest island by extension and importance in Caprera there is no shortage of services, in the area of the former military village of Stagnali and elsewhere on the island there is no shortage of bars, kiosks, restaurants. In addition, several beaches are also equipped for access to people with motor disabilities and are equipped with parking spaces that allow you to easily reach the most beautiful points of the island.

The activity of the Caprera sailing center, the oldest sailing school in Italy and the largest in the Mediterranean, is the only accommodation for visitors much appreciated by sailing lovers. The jagged profile and the escarpments that drop sheer to the sea are a perfect setting to contain this land that has moved between an imposing nature and the presence of man for centuries.

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