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The largest island, the queen of the Archipelago. La Maddalena is the only one to be inhabited continuously and its beauties unfold over a larger area than the other islands, about 45 kilometers of coasts that reserve continuous surprises among coves, fjords, dream beaches and majestic rocks shaped by the winds.

The island of La Maddalena overlooks Palau, from which it is about fifteen minutes by ferry. By reserving your seat on the Lady Luna 2 ship for your boat tour to the islands of La Maddalena, we will arrive here as a last stop, to refresh and relax after the time spent in the middle of the sea.

La Maddalena Island: authentic soul

La Maddalena is the heart of this north-eastern area of Sardinia, where the most amazing nature, history, culture that intersects between flows of people and legendary characters crystallizes. Our fourth and last stop will be here, in the city founded in 1770 which welcomes visitors from its strategic position in the Mediterranean.

Lose yourself in its narrow streets, the characteristic alleyways that recall the maritime cities of yesteryear, and which in the summer offer fun and joy with various events and moments of culture, art and entertainment. Among eighteenth-century palaces, colorful houses, cafes and restaurants, there will be plenty of time to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and shopping, celebrating an unforgettable trip to the Maddalena islands. The colorful village hosts enchanting corners, where you can read the history of the island.

La Maddalena, history in the sea

The town, which appears lively and dynamic, has long been a prominent tourist destination at an international level. For several decades the Archipelago of La Maddalena has been synonymous with exclusive hospitality, which combines naturalness and quality of services, as a setting for dream scenarios.

From here you can reach all the other islands, set out on adventurous excursions and sail to the locations of the nearby Costa Smeralda. But there is no need to go away to enjoy the best of Sardinia, La Maddalena is the right place. There are many points on the island where you can appreciate the views, but also the history and culture. A short distance from the historic center, the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, of enormous importance for the locals and the memory of the place, stands out over the town. Also the fort of the Guardia Vecchia dominates from the hill in memory of its defensive function.

Excursions to La Maddalena: between beaches and inlets

In addition to strolling on the cobbled alleys and walking on the paths of the interior, those arriving on the island of La Maddalena want to get to know the coast.
The best way to do a full immersion of the wonders that encloses the Maddalena land is to take the panoramic road that extends along the entire perimeter, crossing granite, porphyry, and caressing the hills of the interior.

About 20 kilometers long, it is the perfect way to discover the island from different points. So you are amazed by the alternation that characterizes the coasts, now jagged, now softer. But it is above all the beaches that take your breath away. The road allows you to easily reach one of the most memorable places ever: Punta Tegge, which overlooks the island of Spargi. A lunar landscape kissed by the sun greets the gaze, and on the beach you cannot miss the sunset that bathes the whole landscape in bright colors.

The Cala Spalmatore, from which the panoramic road takes its name, which is called Strada di Spalmatore, is a favorite of the Maddalenini who choose it in particular for its position sheltered from the mistral wind. The presence of the sand dunes that gently encircle the area of ​​the Bassa Trinita beach makes this area worth a visit due to the importance of the ecosystem which has remained intact.

The Park Authority of La Maddalena, to preserve its integrity, has built a system of walkways to allow access to bathers avoiding foot traffic. Finally, we mention the Monti d'Arena beach, another splendid landscape whose name recalls and celebrates a dune on the eastern side. The list of the beaches of La Maddalena and its coves cannot be exhausted in these few lines, it is up to the visitor who can linger a longer time to discover how many other magical opportunities for intimate contact with the sea it is possible to experience.

Some hints on the history of La Maddalena

Everything in the city speaks of history, of the strategic importance of these coasts, which for centuries have been the landing place for sailors and fearless captains.

The central Church of Santa Maria Maddalena preserves the symbols of the most interesting historical events, such as the candlesticks and a crucifix donated before setting sail for Trafalfgar by Admiral Nelson who wanted La Maddalena instead of Malta, considering it strategically more relevant.

The other great historical figure linked to the La Maddalena Archipelago is Napoleon Bonaparte, who at the age of 24, before becoming emperor of France, attempted to invade the island following the French expedition undertaken to take it away from the Savoy. Napoleon and his captain were stopped by the Maddalenino Domenico Millelire, hero of the island's resistance.


  • Island of Spargi

    The most intact among the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago

    The island of Spargi appears to visitors as a fascinating land emerged from the blue water. It is the most inaccessible and wildest of the archipelago, lashed by the scents of a thick Mediterranean scrub.

  • Island of Santa Maria

    The homonymous beach with very fine sand

    The island of the archipelago that lies further north is Santa Maria. On the horizon only the sea, in all its splendor. Let's get closer with our boat and stop for a long stop on its beautiful beach, to celebrate a moment of extraordinary fusion with the surrounding environment.

  • Caprera Island

    Rich in history and nature

    A excellence of northern Sardinia , the second largest island of the Archipelago and one of the most famous from a historical and landscape point of view. A jewel of sea and emotions that we will coast aboard Lady Luna.

  • Island of Budelli

    The most beautiful beaches in the world

    When we talk about the Island of Budelli as one of the most famous beaches in the world, we are not using just any slogan, we are confirming a truth that for years has led many people to choose to see this spectacle with their own eyes

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