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Ribelle Extreme motorboat - Rental in La Maddalena

A private tour in the archipelago of La Maddalena aboard a powerful 12-seater motorboat.

On Ribelle Extreme you will live an adventurous experience aboard a modern and sinuous boat. Take part in a private tour of the La Maddalena Archipelago on our open speedboat, fast, with a modern and particular shape. Its features allow you to get closer to the beaches, so you can enjoy a pleasant swim to reach the most exclusive coves of the islands; from the famous Sardinian Tahiti located on the island of Caprera passing through the island of Spargi, Budelli with its natural pools and the island of Santa Maria. The itinerary can change every day and can be customized according to personal needs and weather conditions.

motoscafo ribelle Extreme noleggio

Technical features

  • length 9 mt.
  • width 3 meters
  • maximum capacity 12 passengers
  • cruising speed 45 knots
  • stereo mp3 Bluetooth
  • toilet / sink
  • shade awning
  • climbing ladder
  • shower
  • sunbathing cushions

La Maddalena boat rental: why choose Ribelle Extreme

Among the services most requested by visitors who choose northern Sardinia we find boat rental in La Maddalena. On the other hand, those who love the sea know that the best way to experience it is to cross it.

The islands of the archipelago offer opportunities for wonder. Walking along the coves and granite profiles of these emerged lands, leaving behind worries and commitments is the closest you can get to the realization of pure relaxation.

Ribelle Extreme takes shape as an exclusive rental boat to meet the wishes of those who want to combine immediate contact with the sea, privacy and great emotions. Thanks to its characteristics, the motorboat moves on the water with great safety and strength. It will enter our fleet during the 2022 season, after an outfitting completed in 2021.

It is a sprint boat, suitable for young people or families looking for a fast means of transport.

Excursion departing from the port of Palau or the port of La Maddalena

The excursion on Ribelle Extreme concentrates the best of the archipelago in an unforgettable tour. Moving nimbly between the islands, the motorboat becomes the perfect, dynamic and reliable companion to capture the beauty of the marine habitat.

During the private excursion you can visit the island of Caprera, the famous beach of Cala Coticcio, now known as the Tahiti of Sardinia, and then again the islands of Santa Maria, Budelli, Spargi.

During the day it will be possible to visit countless coves, depending on the weather conditions that will allow the stop. All these coves are different in their splendor and all united by this special sea. Among the favorite and best known we remember the suggestive Cala di Roto with the famous Pink Beach, which is located on the Island of Budelli, the island of Santa Maria where an enchanting Cala Santa Maria awaits visitors with its granite coves. The island of Budelli will not be missing. Here it will be possible to make another stop inside the famous natural pools located at Porto della Madonna, or continue towards the Island of Spargi with its beaches: Cala Connari, Cala Corsara, Cala dell'Amore, Cala Granara, Cala Soraya . In one of these coves you can stop for a swim from the boat.

We will provide all our guests with complete snorkeling equipment: mask and rigid board for swimming; it is not possible to provide the mouthpiece for the covid-19 emergency. During the tour, a cold aperitif will be served with typical Sardinian cold cuts, pecorino cheese, olives, Carasau bread, wine and water. In the afternoon, a delicious snack with packaged sweets and fruit juice. Flavor also plays its part during a holiday in Sardinia. It is however recommended to bring a packed lunch, the stops will take place on uninhabited islands where it is not possible to buy other food.

Upon returning, it will be possible to photograph the splendid rocks sculpted by the mistral wind, among which the Crocodile rock, the Witch's Head rock and the Bulldog Dog stand out for their beauty. Upon returning, the motorboat will caress the stretch of coast that touches Porto Raphael and the lighthouse of Punta Sardegna, for one last inevitable farewell to these scenarios. The tour takes place based on the preferences expressed by visitors, in accordance with the weather and climate. Every day we can decline a different itinerary, what counts for us is to give maximum satisfaction to those who come to know these coasts and rely on our experience.

Boat rental with skipper in the La Maddalena archipelago

Not just any boat. Lady Luna offers you a boat rental with skipper in La Maddalena on board a motorboat: the maximum contact experience that the sea in summer can offer. The private boat trip that we will build together and tailored to your needs will give you the opportunity to visit the archipelago of La Maddalena and the famous Tahiti, or Cala Coticcio, on the island of Caprera, renowned for its envied transparent waters. worldwide. The speedboat is ideal for small groups of up to 12 people, families or couples who want maximum privacy and comfort shared with few passengers.

Attention: the private tour of the archipelago of La Maddalena is recommended for those who know how to swim well, as it is not possible to disembark passengers on the beaches with a boardwalk or direct approach. For those who know how to swim it is a real fun to approach the coast with a few strokes, enjoying the crystal clear waters. The boat rental with skipper at the La Maddalena archipelago offers the guarantee of the guide of an expert connoisseur of the sea and the coasts. With us you can count on staff able to transmit the passion for this blue expanse, accompanying you to locations full of charm.

Exclusive motorboat rental

We give you the opportunity to rent the Ribelle Extreme motorboat exclusively for a special event, anniversary or birthday.

The use of the boat will be only for you, your friends or family. In this case, the itinerary will be customized: the route and the stops can be agreed with the captain, within the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

To book a tour on the Rebelle Extreme boat, please contact us, we will reserve the best welcome for you and your group.

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