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Isla Bonita sailing ship - Rental in La Maddalena

A dream: a private tour of the La Maddalena archipelago aboard a vintage boat.

We make it real by offering you the opportunity to set sail with us from a 50s felucca.
Isla Bonita, which was originally called "San Benedetto II" has been perfectly restored in 2019, is built in oak, maritime pine, larch. and cedar.

It is a spacious and comfortable sailing ship, which also thanks to the sundeck cushions positioned above the deckhouse, allows you to enjoy sailing in the open air as on traditional sailboats.

Isla Bonita rental boat at La maddalena

Caratteristiche tecniche

  • length 14 mt.
  • width 3.50 mt
  • maximum capacity 12 passengers
  • cruising speed 8 knt
  • mp3 stereo
  • toilet
  • shading awning
  • climbing ladder
  • tender for the descent to the beach
  • shower
  • sunbathing cushions
  • sail area 62 sqm.
  • cuisine in compliance with covid 19 - maritime health

Sailboat rental: visit the La Maddalena Archipelago

Isla Bonita, being able to count on the characteristics of a safe anchorage and on the sail / motor combination, accompanies you on an adventure in the name of the warm wind on your skin and the taste of the sea.

We will stop in the most beautiful and renowned coves of the archipelago, navigation will be very pleasant and enriched by the wonders that these islands jealously guard.

The private boat excursion gives you the opportunity to visit the archipelago of La Maddalena up close and is ideal for small groups of up to 12 people, families or couples who want maximum privacy and the comfort of large spaces.
You will feel like you are living in a dream, a scene from a movie, in which the glistening of the waters makes everything more magical and out of time.

While visiting the Maddalena Archipelago National Park, everyone will have the opportunity to take a break to enjoy the typical island cuisine on board the boat.
We remind our kind guests that we work under OCCASIONAL RENTAL and that the tour aboard the sailing ship has a maximum capacity of 12 people comfortably accommodated on board; our staff will take care of everything from navigation to preparing meals.

You will just have to think about letting yourself be lulled, accompanied and enchanted by the service and by the breathtaking locations that will frame unforgettable moments.

La Maddalena private boat tours

We have several adventures to offer you. Itineraries never the same, ready to reveal the secrets of the archipelago of the island of La Maddalena in front of you. Together we can undertake an excursion departing from the port of Palau towards the enchanting scenery of some of the most beautiful islands: Santa Maria, Budelli, Spargi, La Maddalena, Razzoli, Caprera, Spargiotto, Spargiottello and the Barrettini.

In these strips of land kissed by the blue sea there are countless coves to visit and on which, with favorable weather conditions, you can stop and enjoy swimming in complete tranquility. The private tour usually begins with a long stop at the Budelli pools, in the famous Cavalieri beach.

Continuing, among the favorite locations of the visitors that we accompanied in this sweet earthly paradise, Cala di Roto and the famous Pink Beach deserve a special mention, perfect scenery for photographs that do not need filters to leave anyone speechless.

Further on, the Island of Santa Maria awaits you, with its beautiful beaches and so on, the other beaches and other islands, such as the wild Spargi, one of the queens of these seas. Cala Connari, Cala dell'Amore, Cala Ferrigno, Cala Granara, Cala Soraya and Cala Corsara are the inlets that transform as if by magic into natural pools, embellished by the soft colors of the granite and intense Mediterranean scrub. In one of these coves you can stop to swim and take advantage of the transparency of these waters to observe the marine fauna.

Don't forget to fully charge your smartphone or take your camera with you to immortalize the rocks sculpted by the winds that caress the coasts with constant determination. Among the most particular are the Crocodile rock, the Bulldog Dog, the Witch's Head rock and if the weather shows its favor it will allow us to get to the famous Firebird rock “ Il Rapace “ on the island of Razzoli.

The itinerary is purely indicative. You will be with us to decide where to go, which places to discover and live, and we will have the right time and wind we will venture to fulfill your dream of a private boat excursion to La Maddalena and its surroundings.

Exclusive boat rental

We give you the opportunity to rent the Isla Bonita sailing ship exclusively for a special event, an anniversary or a moment of greater privacy: therefore the boat will be dedicated exclusively to you, your friends or your family.

In this case, the itinerary will be customized: the route and stops can be agreed with the captain, within the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

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Photo of the Isla Bonita sailing ship